Sustainable Management Message

LION KOREA will always guard cleanliness, health and environment by our customers.

As a company creating new value that will contribute to a comfortable and healthy living culture, LION KOREA is trying to connect with our customers in their daily lives to create a sustainable society.

Social Contributions, Leading Company in Environmental Response, CSR Management

  • Social contribution through business activities is in our DNA.

    Through the management philosophies of practicing philanthropy and making social contributions through business activities, LION KOREA declared VISION 2020 to protect the environment for our future generations. We strive to be a company that creates value for a healthy living culture; a leading company in environmental response; a company that embraces challenge, creativity and learning; and a company conducting CSR management. We continue to contribute to extending a healthy life expectancy for our customers, protecting environmental resources and realizing a resource-recycling society. We place the upmost priority on customer satisfaction in product development and services, and endeavor to create corporate value based on shareholders’ trust by promoting environment-conservation activities and establishing a mechanism for ethical management.

  • We aim to become a leading company in environmental response.

    LION KOREA set ECO VISION 2020 with the goal of realizing a low-carbon society, resource-recycling society and being in harmony with nature. We are trying our best to develop eco-friendly products and recycle resources by building low-carbon green factories and establishing a green management system. Based on these efforts, we have received the Green Certification from the Ministry of Environment from 2005 to 2015. We will increase our contributions to reducing environmental waste in our community and society by developing advanced technology for environmental response.

  • We pursue CSR management.

    To gain the trust of our customers and society, CSR must be the basis of our management philosophy. In a continuously changing environment, we will actively respond to social issues, fulfill our social responsibility as a corporate citizen, and push ahead with CSR projects in order to operate as a social safety net. As a leading company creating value for a new living culture, we will intensify our efforts to improve our customers’ health, enhance the quality of life and create a sustainable society.

Han Sang hun, CEO of LION KOREA Corporation