From the beginning until now, LION KOREA has always connected with our customers.


  • Dec.Signed a childbirth promotion MoU with Gyeonggi-do (a total of 56 local government as of 2022)
  • Nov.Launched total lifestyle brand ‘LEHANCE’
    Launched ‘RAWQUEST Echinacea Barrier Recovery Cream’
  • Oct.Cooperated with Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) to promote ‘Clean Your Hands’ campaign
    Cooperated with Korea Consumer Agency to produce Braille tag adding to household items for individuals with visual impairment
  • Sep.Launched ‘Ai! Kekute Premium Clean Vegan Hand Soap’
  • Jul.Launched ‘Ai! Kekute Love Earth Line’ using recycled plastic packaging
  • Jun.Obtained ISO 45001(Safety and health management system) certification
  • May.Signed MoU with SK Geocentric for eco-friendly packaging development
  • Apr.Launched the 3rd series of 'Ai! Kekute Limited Edition’ collaborated with individuals with cognitive impairment
    Launched premium bubble cleanser brand ‘I Foam Foam Cleanser‘
    Launched laundry detergent brand ‘7.Lab’
  • Mar.‘BEAT’ ranked No.1 in laundry detergent sector of K-BPI by KMAC (21th consecutive year)
    ‘Ai! Kekute’ ranked No.1 in hand wash sector of K-BPI by KMAC (2nd consecutive year)
  • Feb.Launched ‘Bountiful Herbal Medicine Herbal Flavor’
    Obtained ISO 9001(Quality management system) global certification


  • Nov.Improving the hygiene of hand washing environments at a total of 10 local children's community centers through 'Ai! KeKute Colorful Bathroom Campaign’ with ChildFund Korea
    Launched ‘KODOMO soft rubber handle toothbrush’
    Reassigned as ‘Green Company’ by the Ministry of Environment
  • Sep.Awarded Prime Minister's Commendation for Leading Resource Circulation Company
    ‘Hygia Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Spray’ named as one of the excellent products that contain less chemical substances
  • Jun.Launched 'Systema Slim &Care Advanced Toothbrush’
    Launched ‘Eyemiru 40EX Mild’
    Launched 'Ai! Kekute Portable Handwash’
  • Apr.Launched the 2nd series of 'Ai! Kekute Limited Edition’ collaborated with individuals with cognitive impairment
  • Mar.BEAT’ ranked No.1 in laundry detergent sector of K-BPI by KMAC (20th consecutive year)
    Launched ‘Pair Acne cream’
  • Jan.Donated ‘Hygia hand sanitizer’ to COVID-19 healthcare workers


  • Dec.Launched hygiene brand ‘hygia’
  • Nov.Received Seoul Mayor’s commendation for the company’s contribution to the child welfare promotion
  • Oct.Launched ‘Ai! Kekute Premium Moisture Hand Soap’
  • Sep.Launched heritage cosmetic brand ‘RAWQUEST’
  • Aug.Launched ‘Kids Safe Intensive Cavity Care toothpaste’
  • Jul.Launched 'Ai! Kekute Limited Edition’ collaborated with individuals with cognitive impairment
    Named as the ‘Company with Good Labor-Management Culture’ by MOEL
  • Jun.Launched living care brand ‘EXPLAIN’
  • May.Signed MoU with ChildFund Korea
    Launched ‘Ai! Kekute Colorful Restroom’ Campaign
  • Jan.Launched global children oral care brand ‘KODOMO’ toothbrush


  • Oct.‘Chamgreen’ ranked No.1 in dishwashing detergent category in KCSI (Korean Customer Satisfaction Index) (14th consecutive year)
  • Sep.Launched ‘Ongam Therapy Warming Wrist & Sole Band’
  • Aug.Launched ‘Systema Sonic Vibration Assist Brush Black Toothbrush’
  • Jul.Launched ‘Systema Molar Care Toothbrush’
  • Jun.Awarded the Environment Minister’s Award for the Env. Info Disclosure
  • May.Launched ‘Naenggam Therapy Cooling Sheet’
    Launched ‘Pair Acne Creamy Foam’
    Launched ‘ZACT toothbrush’


  • Nov.Awarded the Environment Minister’s Award(Grand Prize) at the 8th Korea Green Packaging Contest ‘InnoBEAT’
    Reassigned as ‘Green Company’ by the Ministry of Environment
    Named as 'Good Mid-sized Companies to Work' by KCCI
    Launched ‘Ongam Therapy Healing Heliotropin’
  • Oct.Launched ‘Artificial Fragrance-Free [Native Spinach of Bigeumdo Island]’
  • Jul.Launched ‘Systema Sirindent 6024’
  • Apr. Launched ‘Ai! Kekute Blooming Purple∙Kitchen Hand Soap’
  • Feb.Awarded 'Korea’s Influential CEO 2018’ Corporate Responsibility Management Sector


  • Nov.Changed the corporate name to LION KOREA
  • Oct.Received the Prime Minister’s Award for ‘Labor-Management Culture’ by the Ministry of Employment and Labor
    Launched ‘Ongam Therapy’
  • Sep.‘Kids Safe’ ranked No.1 in children’s super-tapered bristles toothbrush market for 4 consecutive years
  • Mar. Recognized by the Han River Basin Environmental Office for as environmental contributor
  • Jan.Launched an over-the-counter analgesic ‘Bufferin Lady’


  • Dec. Recognized by the Environment Minister as a company of merit for a project to prevent
    environmental diseases among the socially vulnerable class
  • Nov.Launched ‘Ai! Kekute Liquid Hand Soap’ Launched ‘Chamgreen Real, Pure Baking Soda’
  • Jul. Recognized by the President as a top-performing company for preventing industrial accidents on the production line
  • Apr.Launched ‘Soft Beans’
  • Jan. Launched OTC artificial tears ‘Eyemiru’


  • Nov.Reassigned as ‘Green Company’ by the Ministry of Environment
  • Oct. Certified as Excellent Generous Company Supporting Education by the Minister of Education
  • Sep.Launched ‘Chamgreen Naturally Fermented’
  • Aug.Re-recognized for the ‘Advanced Labor-Management Culture’ by the Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • AprLaunched ‘Systema Total Care’
    ‘BEAT’ ranked No.1 in liquid laundry detergent sector of GBCI (2nd consecutive year)
    ‘BEAT’ ranked No.1 in laundry detergent sector of the National Brand Award (4th consecutive year)


  • Dec.10th Founding Anniversary of CJ LION
  • Jun.Launched ‘Systema Breath Care Advanced’ ‘Systema Tartar Advanced’
  • MayAwarded Special Prize at Env-Info Awards by the Ministry of Environment and KEITI
  • Feb.Launched ‘Systema Tartar Care Toothbrush’


  • Dec.Launched ‘Systema Gentle Gum’ ‘Systema Dental Wash’
  • Oct.Launched ‘Hiepita Fever Cooling Sheet’
    Launched ‘Dham:a Shampoo ∙ Conditioner’


  • Nov.Reassigned as ‘Green Company’ by the Ministry of Environment


  • Oct.‘BEAT’ and ‘Chamgreen’ named as Green Brand of the Year
  • Sep.Launched ‘Systema Sponge Dental Floss’
  • Jun. Launched ‘Systema Hypersensitive Toothbrush’
    Launched ‘Systema Night Protect Toothpaste’
  • Feb.‘Chamgreen Pomegranate Vinegar Dishwashing’ named as Green Product at the Global Green Management Excellence Awards
    Recognized for the ‘Advanced Labor-Management Culture’ by the Ministry of Employment and Labor


  • Dec.Launched ‘BEAT O2 Anti-bacterial Bleach’
  • Nov.Launched ‘Chamgreen Japanese Apricot Clean Dishwash’
  • Oct.Launched ‘Kids Safe Toothbrush ∙ Toothpaste’
  • Jul.Launched ‘Kyusoku Jikan’
  • Mar.Launched ‘BEAT Old Stain Remover’
  • Feb.Launched ‘Ai! Kekute Anti-bacterial Wet Tissue’


  • Oct. Launched ‘BEAT Long Lasting Fragrance’
  • Sep.Launched ‘Chamgreen Pomegranate Vinegar Dishwashing’


  • Dec.Recognized for the ‘Advanced Labor-Management Culture’ by the Ministry of Labor
  • Jun.‘Ai! Kekute Hand Soap’ Selected as the Hit Product of the Year
  • MayLaunched ‘Ai! Kekute Anti-bacterial Soap’


  • Aug.Launched ‘BEAT Liquid’
  • Jun.Launched ‘Chamgreen Charcoal Squeaky-Clean’
  • Jan.Launched Smokers' Whitening Toothpaste ‘ZACT’


  • Nov.Launched BEAT Spreader’
  • Mar.Launched ‘Dentrala Toothpaste’


  • Nov.Launched ‘Ai! Kekute Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap’
    Launched ‘BEAT Indoor Dry’


  • Dec.Changed the corporate name to CJ LION after separation from the CJ Group


  • Jun.Launched ‘Rice DAY Shampoo’


  • Oct. Launched ‘Rice DAY Soap’


  • MayAcquired KOSHA 2000 Program Certification


  • Sep.‘BEAT’ recorded 22.2% of laundry detergent market share


  • Nov.Listed in Korea’s 100 excellent factory
  • Jun.Launched ‘Dr. Sedoc Toothpaste’
  • Mar.Launched ‘Moballyeok’


  • Jun.Awarded TPM Excellent Company Prize by the Korean Standards Association
  • Feb.‘SHINGMULNARA Cosmetics’ certified for current Good Manufacturing Practice


  • Dec.‘SHINGMULNARA’ awarded Top 10 Hit Product at Trust Brand Award by Korea Economic Daily


  • Nov.Assigned as ‘Eco-friendly Company (Currently ‘Green Company’)’ by the Ministry of Environment


  • MayEntered oral care market with import release of ‘Dentor System’
  • Jan.‘BEAT’ and ‘Chamgreen’ certified KS Mark by Mauritius Industrial Development Authority


  • Sep.Entered hair care market with launch of ‘CHOU CHOU’ hair spray ∙ mousse
  • Jun.Exported laundry detergent to LION Corporation (Japan)
  • Feb.Launched plant-based soap ‘SHINGMULNARA’


  • Jun.Entered body cleanser market with launch of ‘Clara’
  • Feb.Established research center
  • Jan.Acquired permission for cosmetics manufacturing business Entered shampoo ∙ conditioner market with launch of Korea’s first coating shampoo ‘CHOU CHOU’


  • Dec.Launched laundry detergent ‘BEAT’, dishwashing detergent ‘Chamgreen’, fabric softener ‘BEAT Rinse’
  • Jul.Became independent of operation division
    Started operation of production division


  • Jul.Approved for technical importation by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • MaySigned a technical partnership with LION Corporation (Japan)