Global Offices

Information about LION KOREA headquarters and overseas branches

Our production line creates life value with advanced technology and always prioritizes workers’ safety.


  • Quality Innovation
    Quality Circle’s Activities
    Aside from basic production tasks, small groups perform voluntary activities to achieve higher goals in every area such as production, quality, efficiency, safety and environment.
    6-Sigma Activities
    Quality-improving activities to learn and apply professional quality analysis and solutions and produce products of higher quality.
    Consultative Body for Quality Improvement
    We regularly run a consultative body not only within our group but also with our partner companies. The consultation results are immediately reflected in our products to improve quality.
  • Innovation on-site
    Total Productive Maintenance
    All-participating maintenance activities; with the goal of the maximum use of facilities and zero-breakdowns, there are autonomous maintenance, planned maintenance conducted in an appropriate cycle; quality maintenance; as well as maintenance for environment, safety, etc.
    3 Requirement 6S1E Activities
    We have created a set of rules about 3 basic requirements for production (authentic products, fixed quantity, proper location) in accordance with our factory environment and carry out supervision personally.
    Good Manufacturing Practice
    With the goal to achieve quality assurance to the level recommended for food and drug products, we set and enact rules which must be met during the entire process from the warehousing of raw materials to delivery.
  • LION’s advanced technologies
    Corrosion Loop
    Activities to detect and prevent the degradation of equipment; we apply LION’s expertise to support the maintenance of our equipment.
    Test Run
    We perform a test run to check the current operational status and apply the test results to the improvement of security, quality and environment, lower costs, and technological improvement of the LION group (Japan, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia).
    Regular Technology Exchange
    We conduct regular exchanges of LION’s advanced technology in each division – effective packaging, packaging material development, equipment maintenance and management, energy saving – and apply them to the plant.

Production Division Information

  • Address 23, Seohae-daero 140beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon

    Telephone 032-881-2690

  • Direction Hongikjawon (35-515) stop
    13, 14, 46
    Last exit of First Gyeongin ExpresswayTurn Left passing Inha University HospitalTurn Left after 500 meters from Lotte MartLION KOREA Last exit of Second Gyeongin Expressway(second intersection) Turn LeftTurn Left after 500 meters from Lotte MartLION KOREA