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LION KOREA is a pioneer that leads a healthy and pleasant lifestyle.

Charter for Corporate Behavior

We, the Lion Group, shall, in addition to being an economic entity designated to pursue profits through fair competition, act as a social entity that contributes to society at large. We shall respect human rights and conduct ourselves with initiative in a socially responsible manner toward the creation of a sustainable society, observing both the spirit as well as the letter of all applicable laws and international rules and not harming the public interest, both in Japan and abroad, in accordance with the following 10 principles.

  • Principal Mission We shall earn the confidence and satisfaction of customers (consumers and users) by providing excellent, safe goods and services useful for their daily lives.
    Compliance with Public Rules We shall observe all relevant laws and regulations and engage in fair, transparent and free competition and proper transactions. We shall maintain sound and proper relationships with governmental and political bodies.
  • Disclosure We, as a socially open company, shall actively engage in communication not only with our shareholders but also with members of society at large and disclose information generally regarding Company management in an appropriate and timely manner.
    Environmental Issues We shall play a positive and active role in creating a sustainable society that harmonizes economic development and environmental protection.
  • Improvement of Working Environments We shall promote fair treatment and respect the diversity, individuality and personalities of our employees. We shall ensure a safe and comfortable workplace to realize the mental and physical well-being of our employees.
    Contribution to Society We shall actively contribute to society as good cooperate citizens.
  • Opposition to Antisocial Forces We shall firmly oppose antisocial entities and organizations threatening the order and security of civil society.
    Contribution in Foreign Countries In our overseas operations, we shall not only observe international rules and the laws of relevant foreign countries, but also respect local cultures and customs and contribute to the development of local communities with sincerity and mutual trust.
  • Practice of Corporate Ethics Top management shall assume responsibility for implementing the spirit of this Charter and shall take the initiative to set a good example and fully inform Lion Group employees of the Charter. Top management shall strive to take in internal and external opinions continuously to promote mutual understanding and the development and implementation of effective internal control systems while enforcing thorough compliance with corporate ethics.
    Resolution of Problems Should an incident contrary to the principles of this Charter occur, top management shall publicly clarify its position, taking responsibility to resolve the problem on its own initiative, and strive to investigate the facts, identify the causes of the incident and prevent recurrences. Top management shall fulfill its responsibility to disclose accurate information promptly and explain the situation, and shall resolve the problem in a manner fully understandable to society. After clarifying authority and responsibility for said problem, top management shall impose strict and impartial disciplinary actions upon any liable persons, including the highest level of management.


LION Group has been evaluated as highly trusted company in virtue of hard work of employees and that trust has been the driving force for the social development. We are to newly stipulate the code of conduct that has been developed up to date and take it as the standards for our actions to develop more in this rapidly changing environment.

It is necessary to establish a structure where all employees of LION Group can understand clearly and perform their duties. Compliance refers to observing legislations, and also reinforcing ethics so that we can satisfy expectations and requirements of our customers and many shareholders sufficiently as a member of society. Ethics refers to moral principles to be observed as human beings and the details are not to lie, to keep social norms, not to harm others and to respect others. LION Group is to introduce and practice LION Corporate Code of Conduct on the basis of such principles.

We resolve and declare to comply LION Corporate Code of Conduct as a valuable company to help the society.

Sang-hun Han, CEO of LION KOREA Corporation

Organization Chart of Compliance Committee

Organization Chart of Compliance Committee
Position Task
Compliance manager
  • Report compliance audit and audit results to the BOD
  • Introduce violators to the Personnel Committee
  • Conduct compliance related trainings
  • Cooperate with and support authorities
  • Other affairs deemed necessary
TF Team
  • Assist the compliance managers
  • Supervise compliance tasks (including training, unfair trade monitoring, etc.)
CP Manager
  • Conduct internal inspection for fair trade by affiliated team and prevention
  • Conduct support, investigation and report on fair trade by team

CEO of LION KOREA declared the will to comply with fair trade internally and externally on April 1st, 2006 and appointed Jin-hyeong Kim, head of team, as a manager of compliance on January 1st, 2014.

Compliance Manager

On behalf of the CEO, the Compliance Manager has overall authorities and responsibilities on internal fair trade compliance including the authority to order design and operation of compliance program for preventing violation of the Fair Trade Act; organization administration; inspection on operation condition; monitoring/overseeing; sanctions; and improvements/corrections.

LION KOREA Compliance Manager Information
  • TeamRisk Management Team
  • Positionhead of team
  • NameJin-hyeong Kim
  • Telephone+82 - 2 - 6363 - 1033
  • Fax+82- 2 - 6363 - 1019

Purpose of Compliance Training

Purpose of Compliance Training

Training Period

  • Scheduled Training
    • Twice a year (the first half / the second half)
    • Over two hours per training
  • Regular Training
    • When there are changes in practical standards due to institution and law changes
    • When necessary to implement by organization/duty
    • When deemed necessary by Compliance manager and responsible personnel

Training Contents

Customized training by duty/rank

  • Understanding of fair trade related key laws, announcement and guidelines

    Unfair trade, Unfair joint action, Market-dominating enterprise, Subcontract transaction, Labeling and advertising

  • Compliance Program Manual

    Guideline for fair trade compliance

  • Sharing Previous Practices

    Major violation types and latest decisions of the Fair Trade Commission (FTC)

  • Others

    Fostering fair trade related personnel and etc.

Training Schedule

Flexible operation for training targets, contents and time

Target Time Detail
Everyone in Sales and Marketing September
  • Criteria for fair trade offence and violation cases
  • Sharing major decision examples and FAQ
Personnel in charge of Administration April, October
  • Understanding of fair trade related laws
  • Application of fair trade related laws
  • Practical guidelines for compliance program practice
  • Sharing major decision examples and FAQ
New Employees June, December
  • Understanding of fair trade related laws
  • LION KOREA Code of Conduct training
  • Practical guidelines for compliance program practice and etc.
Managers by organization and Responsible Personnel Frequent
  • In-house and external specialized training courses and seminars regarding fair trade, etc.

Training Record Control

Promote systematic knowledge acquisition of working-level staffs by managing results of training completion by position/rank.

Object Fair Trade Compliance Prevention Activity

Operation Plan

Operation Plan

Operation Plan

Ethics Management Hot Line

Information of Ethics Management Report

Report corrupt activity from LION KOREA employees and ethically manage improper practices and policies

Ethics management hot line is a system to receive reports on misconducts of LION KOREA’s employees or improvements, suggestions on wrong practices or policies made by the company’s stakeholders, such as LION KOREA employees, employees of partner companies, customers and shareholders, etc.

Management division in charge of LION KOREA’s ethics management implements fact confirmation on the received reports and is equipped with a system to guarantee secrets and identities for safe report by reporters (proposers).

A closed investigation is available at a report’s request and anonymous reports based on facts with specific details are investigated, in principle. For your inquiries or ideas on the ethics management, LION KOREA will forward your feedback to the management and reply as soon as possible.

AL Heart Hotline

Within the Lion Group, when a Group employee or customer becomes aware of any conduct in actual or suspected violation by the Group or its employees of laws or corporate ethics (as defined in the Lion Group Charter for Corporate Behavior or the Behavioral Guidelines), or otherwise wish to consult about any other ethical problems, they are entitled to consult with or notify the internal or external notification (whistleblowing) window (AL Heart Hotline).

Notification (Whistleblowing) Window

■ Person responsible for corporate ethics in the company
Address for document submission: “Attn: Person responsible for corporate ethics, Auditing Office, Lion Corporation”
                    1-3-28, Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-8644 Japan
Email address (for this purpose only):

■ External attorney
Address for document submission: “Attn: Attorney-at-law, Shuji Yamaguchi Okabe & Yamaguchi Counselors at Law”
                    5F, Eiha-shinkawa, 1-5-17, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033 Japan
Email address (for this purpose only)

Persons eligible to use the Hotline

  • The Hotline is available to not only the Group’s regular employees but also all Group workers, including casual employees (such as part-time employees), dispatched employees and contracted employees as well as those who have transactional or any other relationships with the Group

Method of consultation and notification

  • To ensure the content of the complaint is clearly and precisely described, if possible, please provide documentation or an email.

  • To enable the sufficient and prompt identification of facts as well as feedback on investigation results and future actions, please disclose the identity of the notifying person (name, department, company name). Note that, in the event of notification on an anonymous basis, the factual investigation may prove insufficient and, further, that such feedback will not be possible. Also, when submitting a notification to an external attorney, the notifying person may request for masking of his/her name when being transferred to the person in charge of corporate ethics in the company

  • Regarding the content of such consultation and/or notification, please describe the relevant acts of violation of laws or corporate ethics in as much detail as possible, by specifying “when,” “where,” “who,” “what,” “for what purpose,” “how” and “what are the consequences.

  • Reporting form

Flow after receiving consultation and/or notification

  • We will promptly verify the facts through the consulting and/or notifying person, and then evaluate the seriousness of the factual details. Depending on the nature of the case, it will be reported to the top management

  • After factual investigation, if certain non-compliant acts have been established, we will, under the top management’s knowledge sharing and instructions, take steps towards settling the shape, resolving the issues, and then taking remedial actions for prevention of recurrence. Also, the violators will be strictly sanctioned.

  • The window receiving the consultation and/or notification will feedback the relevant consulting and/or notifying person

Whistleblower and Consulting Protections

  • The privacy of individuals who use the hotline for consultation or reporting as well as the privacy of those who are the subject of such reporting is protected

  • The staff tasked with investigating and responding to consultations and reports maintain strict confidentiality regarding such consultations and reports and their content.

  • Individuals shall not be treated disadvantageously for having used the hotline for consultation or reporting.

  • Individuals shall not be treated disadvantageously for cooperating in investigations, etc.


Reporting by Partner(employee) or External Party

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Reporting by Lion Korea’s employee

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You are free to express your opinions or make suggestions to management if you have any difficulties at work or if you have a situation that requires you to discuss a grievance. Please leave your contact information and we will respond as soon as possible.

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