Naturally Fermented Plants

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Healthy dishwashing detergent for your family
Clean dishes with fermented plant extract! (fermented liquor)

Dishwashing Detergent

300g, 500g, 750g

Refill 1L, 1.2L and etc.

Product feature

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    Prevent harmful germs with the power of fermentation

    Contains the fermented liquid of wild grass and fermented ethanol of the Gangwon Province.

    * Target bacteria: E. coli
    * Test conditions: Leave for 8 hours in 20% aqueous solution
    * Not all bacteria are removed.

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    99% biodegradable & Class 1 dishwashing detergent

    It can be used to wash fruits and vegetables, and is safe for the environment with 99% biodegradability.

Product volume
  • 300g, 500g, 750g
  • Refill 1L, 1.2L and etc.
Main ingredients 12% of surfactant equivalent [plant-based fatty alcohol (anion), plant-based higher fatty amine (nonionic) and etc.] and 88% of others ingredients such as native grass which is fermented.

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