Sharing Management

LION KOREA believes in sharing management, performs donations for sharing and promotes a sharing culture.

Community Contributions

“Brush Your Teeth”
counselling session to promote oral health This is a health information-sharing activity to share the importance of oral health, as a basis for the entire body, and self-care understanding from treatment to prevention. We provide person-to-person counseling services for local residents who visit public health centers in order to contribute to improving oral health and raising awareness about the importance of preventive management in local communities.

“Tooth Brushing Counseling Center” with Gwangjin-gu Public Health Center

In 2012, LION KOREA signed a social contribution agreement with Gwangjin-gu Public Health Center and has provided person-to-person counseling and education about oral health for local residents who visit the center. Every Tuesday, we run a “Brush Your Teeth” counseling session at Health Information Hall on the 1st floor, which is regularly attended by an average of 40 residents per day. During the session, we provide cavity check-up for infants and children and the periodontal disease risk test through a free blood test. We also carry out one to one education about how to brush your teeth and take care of oral health.

infoGraphic1 Number of visitors (accumulated)
  • Oral health consultation and education
  • One-to-one consultation tailored to your oral health

How does the “Brush Your Teeth” session proceed?

“Brush Your Teeth” counseling session has been in operation since September, 2012. With this project, LION KOREA and Gwangjin-gu Public Health Center aim to improve oral health in local communities, increase the role of public healthcare system and establish a successful social contribution model based on a public-private partnership.

  • Apply for counseling

  • Fill out the self-check sheet

  • Visit a doctor who performs simple checkups (*cavity checkup, blood test)

  • Participate in 1:1 counseling and education about brushing your teeth

  • Get a tooth-brush set (*365-day oral care manual and plaque tester)

Tooth brushing facilities, schools best business school.

As part of the Seodaemun-gu Healthy City Project, this is a public-private-academia partnership project joined by LION KOREA, Seodaemun-gu Public Health Center and the Department of Preventive Dentistry, Yonsei University College of Dentistry. The objective of this CSR program is to establish an environment at schools that allows oral care management by increasing access to oral health-preventive activities. Through continued monitoring and education, we contribute to the improvement of children’s oral health and raised awareness of the importance of preventive management.
From two schools in 2015, the program is now being conducted at 15 elementary, middle and high schools involving some 12,000 students in Seodaemun-gu as of 2019.

infoGraphic2 Number of participating students (accumulated)
  • Oral Health Education for Class
  • Monitoring Education

Ai! Kekute Hygiene Care Business in Cooperation with Municipalities

Under the MOU&Donation, LION KOREA provides Ai! Kekute Hygiene Care Set to families who have recently filed a birth certificate at certain municipalities. This business aims to protect the family health through proper hygiene habits and also contribute to overcoming the national low birth rate issue.
Since the first agreement in 2017, 35 municipalities (as of September 2019) have signed agreements. LION KOREA continues to expand the business of providing health assistance for birth families.

infoGraphic3 Number of supported families (accumulated)
  • Partnership agreement with Seongnam City (2018) Partnership agreement with Seongnam City (2018)
  • Partnership agreement with Gangdong District, Seoul (2018) Partnership agreement with Gangdong District, Seoul (2018)

Pleasant Life Activities

Workers’ Sharing Day

Under the theme of “Make Every Day Healthy and Meaningful”, LION KOREA practices sharing activities involving participation of all employees to positively influence the society and contribute to the community by utilizing the business characteristics and expertise.
LION KOREA put its utmost efforts to perform various activities such as living environment improvement', hygiene habit education' and ‘mobile laundry car service' for institutions and households that need comfort living support, including the disadvantaged, local child centers, and the elderly who live alone.

LION Character

Donations for Socially Marginalized People

LION KOREA continues to participate in events like the Foodbank Festival and Sharing Bazaar held by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Foodbank to provide support for socially vulnerable and marginalized families. Also, we provide donations via various organizations and channels – providing household items for senior citizens living alone and local childcare centers in Yongin, families with visually-challenged people and foster families; provide essential items for sanitary education held by medical volunteers in developing countries – and spread a sharing culture.

LION Character
  • Partnership agreement with Happy Alliance (2018) Partnership agreement with Happy Alliance (2018)
  • ‘Happiness Box’ Packing for the socially vulnerable group (2018) ‘Happiness Box’ Packing for the socially vulnerable group (2018)
  • Employee-volunteering charity bazaar (2019) Employee-volunteering charity bazaar (2019)

Educational Support

Under the CSR theme of “improving local health by sharing health information”, LION KOREA has carried out various “donations for education” programs for local communities, public health centers, schools and other institutions. As a result of practicing educational donations in a continuous manner, we were named the leading company in donation of education by the Ministry of Education for two consecutive years.

  • Donations for education Donations for education image
  • Leading company in donations for education Leading company in donations for education image

Tooth-Brushing Class for Elementary Schoolers

Every year, LION KOREA, , LION Group, and LION Dental Hygiene Research Center hold ‘Oral Health Event of Tooth Brushing for Children’ with elementary students who are in the mixed dentition stage. Throughout the event, students have been taught about the importance of oral health management in the mixed dentition stage both online and offline channels since 2010.
In addition, over 200,000 students in Asia participate each year, including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. The education consists of oral health-related quiz, 3D contents, and practicing with dental hygienists so that young students can enjoy and actively participate in the learning process.

  • World in Mouth Quiz
  • Step-up Lecture on Tooth-Brushing
  • 1:1 Practice with Dental Hygiene Partners

What is the Mixed Dentition Stage? This is a stage when the deciduous teeth fall off and the permanent teeth push through into the space left behind. Because of these changes in the mouth, children, instead of their parents, start to take responsibility of caring about their oral health and develop the habit of oral healthcare.

Together With Asian Friends!

Since the 1st Asian Contest in 1932, it has had a long history. We provide real-time online services to encourage other students to participate in the class, as well as offline participants. Through these efforts, nearly 90 thousand students from Asian countries participate in the class every year at their school.

Life-cycle Health Education at Public Health Center

Life-cycle Health Education at the Public Health Center is one of the “donations for education” programs that provides differentiated education in partnership with public health centers through local health authorities and LION KOREA. It is also a social contribution program that is necessary to improve the health of local communities by sharing relevant information in each life cycle with local residents, pregnant women and the parents.
Since the launch of education in 2012, the program is now expanded to seven Public Health Centers in Seoul and one in Sejong City, hosting an average of over 50 education sessions per year.

infographic4 Number of articipants (accumulated)
  • Education for Parents of Infants
  • Education for Teachers Association
  • Education for Pregnant Women at Public Health Center

The donation program for life-cycle health education is regularly held not only at public health centers but also for various institutions such as governmental organizations, the Teachers Association, culture centers and lifelong education schools.

Environmental Contributions

As a leading company in creating a healthy lifestyle, LION KOREA puts highest priority on green management and environmental contributions

As a leading company that contributes to a comfortable and healthy living culture, LION KOREA places the upmost priority on green management and environmental contributions in every business area in order to protect the environment for future generations. We actively apply advanced technology and perform R&D to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. From planning, development and design to production, sales and disposal, we carry out environmental impact assessments to minimize our environmental impact. Also, we provide environmental facilities in eco-friendly plants for local residents and future students as a place for environmental education. Moreover, since environmental protection cannot be achieved by just one company, we established a consultative body with partnering companies and local communities and set mid-to-long term goals for environmental improvement. Also, through the continuous sharing of information and regular environmental monitoring, we are trying our best to raise environmental awareness and improve the environment.

Projects to prevent environmental diseases among the socially vulnerable and improve residential areas.

Since 2015, LION KOREA participates in the business organized by the Ministry of Environment and Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute to prevent environmental diseases and improve residential areas of the socially vulnerable class.
LION KOREA has donated daily necessities to more than 700 public senior housing in metropolitan areas and in the big cities, and has been proactively supporting prevention and treatment of environmental diseases. Due to the continued efforts, we were recognized by the Minister of Environment as a company of merit in 2016.

Agreement among Social Contribution Companies (2018) Agreement among Social Contribution Companies (2018)

Environmental Cleanup Activities

We perform various activities for environmental conservation; One Company-One Mountain, One Company-One Stream, One Company-One Road Cleanup campaigns, environmental cleanup events at Seunggi-Stream, Wolmi amusement park, and surrounding of Production Division in Incheon Metropolitan City.

One company 1 river raising campaign One company 1 river raising campaign

Monitoring at Streams

We monitor streams in 10 areas in Incheon where industrial complexes are located and run an autonomous patrol system to encourage companies to have a sense of responsibility for environmental conservation.

Cleanup Process

Autonomous Environmental Cleanup at Jung-gu Autonomous Environmental Cleanup at Jung-gu