Safety and Health Management

LION KOREA provides happiness to its employees and customers by creating a safe and pleasant environment.

Safety and Health Management Vision & Strategy

Safety and Health Management Vision

LION KOREA provides clean and safe service to its employees and customers with an optimum EH&S system

Safety and Health Management Implementation Strategy

Mid and Long Term Implementation Plan for Safety and Health Management

Category Unit 2019 2020 2021
Industrial accident rate % 0% 0% 0%
KOSHA18001 Text Extension Review Ex post facto review Ex post facto review
PSM Text Compliance maintenance Rating review Compliance maintenance

Safety and Health Management System

Safety and Health Management Policy

In order to maintain the safety and health of employees as a top priority, we pursue happiness of employees and families by improving and supplementing safety and health related system and creating safe and pleasant work environment together with all employees.

  • 01. Establishing a foundation

    Establish the groundwork for sustainable safety management by observing safety and health related laws and other requirements.

  • 02. System supplementation

    Supplement the safety and health systemthrough regular communication with employees and partner companies.

  • 03. Raising awareness

    Raise safety awareness of employees and enhance the level of safety and health by conducting effective and practical education and training.

  • 04. Active participation

    Encourage active participation of all employees to achieve zero accident based on the safety system.

Safety and Health Activity

Health promotion activity

  • Vaccination At least once a year Flu vaccination, etc.
  • Working environment measurement Twice a year Working environment by the occupation safety and health acts, Measurement
  • Examination of harmful factors to musculoskeletal system Once every 3 years Musculoskeletal system by the occupation safety and health acts, Examination of harmful factors
  • Field working environment guide Once a quarter guidance on field working environment with a visit of industrial hygienist of Gil Medical Center

Health Examination Infrastructure

  • Medical insurance coverage for employee Every time Medical expenses with a deductible of 100,000 KRW
  • General health checkup Once a year All employees except subjects of comprehensive medical testing
  • Comprehensive medical testing Once a year For employees 37 and over
  • Health consultation Monthly Post-examination health care of diagnosed workers

Safety Management Activity

  • Safety and Health Management System (KOSHA18001) This refers to the autonomous safety and health system for systematic implementation of accident prevention and corporate loss reduction activities, including improvement after internal evaluation of periodic safety and health plan performance by reflecting the safety and health policy in the autonomous management policy and regularizing relevant specific implementation guidelines and standards by the business owner.
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) System This is a safety management system that comprehensively systemized matters related to routine maintenance and emergency response to prevent occurrence of a major industrial accident due to fire, explosion and leakage of toxic hazardous material and to minimize damages in case of an accident.

Safety and Health Management Performance

Current Status of Zero Accident

Start date of zero accident Target date of two-year of zero accident Target date of three-year of zero accident
May 2nd, 2017 June 20th, 2019(780 days) July 13th, 2020(1170 days)

Current Status of Safety and Health Education and Training

Category Period Detail
Safety and health training Once per quarter Invite external lecturer,
Special PSM training
Team safety training Once a month Internal fire drill,
PSM training,
chemicals (MSDS and etc.) safety education
Joint drill with fire station Once a year or more Joint disaster drill with the district fire station
Emergency evacuation drill Once a year or more Emergency evacuation drill of all employees
Safety education for operation site Visitors conduct Safety education for visitors of the sites
Five-minute safety education Daily conduct Five-minute safety education prior to the beginning of work

Pictures of Education & Training

Joint Fire Drill
합동소방훈련 이미지
합동소방훈련 이미지
합동소방훈련 이미지