Environment Management

LION KOREA cares for the happiness of customers and practices love for the environment

Green Management Vision

In accordance with the LION Group’s ‘Vision 2030’, LION Korea purses a sustainable eco-friendly environment, and promotes efforts and innovation to reduce the environmental load throughout the lifecycle.


LION KOREA, a value-based company in life and heart” that creates valuable future by guarding health, pleasantness and environment

Management Vision

Strategic Activities for Four Challenges

  • Nurture No.1 brand position Qualitative improvement of domestic business
  • Establish leadership in Asia Quantitative growth of overseas business
  • Challenge of making direct and soft Development of new business value
  • Vitalization of organization and talent fostering Reinforcement of organizational learning capacity

Three Innovation

  • LIFE InnovationCreate values of contribution to life, living and lifetime

  • KNOWLEDGE InnovationCreate organizational capacity producing new values

  • GREEN InnovationCreate values of contribution to the sustainable society

Green Management Strategy

Green Management Vision and Goal

LION Koreahas set the goal names ‘ECO Challenge 2050’, aimed at achieving a low-carbon and resource-circulating society, and intends to realize a sustainable eco-friendly environment through ESG management

  • Vision Green Company loved and trusted by the people
  • Goal To establish low-carbon green operation sites and develop eco-friendly products
  • Activity Establish green environment management
    establish clean production system of eco-friendly products
    contribution activities for local communities
  • Slogan Love today, Together tomorrow
  • Establish green environment management

    • Maintain green company
    • Establish green management system
    • Continue to implement green purchasing
    • Promote corporate ethics management
  • Establish clean production system of eco-friendly products

    • Establish environmental assessment for the whole process
    • Develop eco-friendly products
    • Zero emission
    • Activities to reduce greenhouse gas
  • Contribution activities for local communities

    • Green technology support for small businesses
    • Promote environment cleanup events
    • Conduct river monitoring projects
    • Promote Eco-activity projects

Mid-to-Long Term Roadmap

LION Koreaplans to promote various green business activities with the goal of realizing low-carbon and resource-circulating society by 2030.

  • 2022Incorporate ESG management
    • Maintain the status of Green Company
    • Establish energy and greenhouse gas management system
    • Reinforce social responsibility and environmental preservation activities
  • 2026Expand low-carbon transition
    • Develop low-carbon products
    • Expand facilities using renewable energy
    • Procure sustainable raw materials
    • Establish responsible supply chain management
  • 2030Establish low-carbon green workplace
    • 30% reduction in GHG emissions compared to 2017
    • 30% reduction in water consumption compared to 2017 (based on unit sales)
    • Expand low-carbon products

    Achieve a sustainable eco-friendly business environment

Green management system

Green Management Policy

LION KOREA creates living culture by connecting dreams and the future. LION KOREA puts top priority on the green management activities among all business activities to preserve the earth environment, the base of our living. In order to maintain pleasant homes with uncontaminated clean water and air to descendants, all employees make utmost efforts to raise environmental conservation awareness of local community residents by practicing the following in their homes, workplaces and local communities as the fundamental philosophy of LION KOREA’s environmental conservation activity.

  • GHG reduction activities As per the Framework Act on Low Carbon, Green Growth, implement GHG reduction activities by combining and conducting R&D on advanced GHG reduction technologies.
    Environmental conservation activity Support to encourage participation of employees and their families in the environmental conservation activities of the local communities.
  • Utilization of environmental education place Utilize environmental facilities of operation sites as venues for environmental education targeting young generations and local residents.
    Minimize environment impacts Minimize environmental impacts by conducting environmental impact assessments from planning, development and design stages of products to production, sales and disposal.
  • 4R movement development Minimize waste by continuing 4R movement and implementing resource recycling policy.
    Active participation in environmental policy Take the lead by participating in all matters pursuant to the International Environmental Agreement and changing national environmental policies.
  • Environment improvement targets setting Establish and operate mid and long term environment improvement targets for systematic environment improvement.
    Periodic environment monitoring Urge constant environment improvement via periodic environment monitoring of operation sites.

Climate Change Response

  • GHG Response

    LION KOREA concluded a voluntary agreement to reduce GHG with the Ministry of Environment and initiate participation in protecting the global environment and improving air quality efforts by cutting greenhouse gases. Also, it is fulfilling its environmental responsibilities to be “Love today, together tomorrow – LION KOREA” by not only making continuous investment in energy efficiency improvement, such as improving facilities of the operation sites and replacing aged equipment, but also operating energy saving campaigns.

  • GHG Emission Status Amount used(Ton CO2-eq)

Resource Energy Response

Water resource management
  • Water usage status Amount used(Ton)
  • Water recycling Recycling(%)
Energy Control
  • LNG usage status Amount used(Ton)
  • Steam usage status Amount used(Ton)
  • Electricity usage status Amount used(MWh)
  • Energy use ratio
  • Status of waste generation Generation(Ton)
  • Recycling rate of waste Recycling(%)

Green Management Performance

Green Company

A “Green Company” refers to a company that contributes to the environment improvements by significantly reducing pollutants, saving resources and energy, improving environmental effect of products and establishing the green management system in accordance with the “Environmental Technology and Industry Support Act of Article 16.2.1”.
Environment History


Awarded the Prime Minister's Commendation at the 2021 Resource Circulation Leading Business Award - Ministry of Environment
Re-designated as Green Company since 1995 - Han River Basin Environmental Office


Awarded the National Merit for Environment Mgmt. (Incheon Mayor Award) - Incheon Metropolitan City


Awarded the Minister’s Award for the Env-Info System - Ministry of Environment


Cited for Total Air Capacity Business in the Metropolitan Area - Metropolitan Air Quality Management Office


Awarded Special Award for the Env-Info System - Ministry of Environment


Won the Grand Prize at Eco-friendly Brand Award - Ministry of Environment


Won the Green Management Award - Ministry of Environment

Green Management Performance

Air pollution substance control
  • Air Pollution Substance Monitoring System
  • Air Pollution Substance Emission Status Generation(Ton)
  • Water pollutants control
    Wastewater Discharge Status Discharge amount(Ton)
  • Harmful Chemical Substance Control
    Status of Harmful Chemical Substance Use Amount used(Ton)